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25 Quotes From Papaji


  1. “Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever stays, let it stay, whatever goes let it go.” – Papaji
  2. “If there is peace in your mind you will find peace with everybody. If your mind is agitated, you will find agitation everywhere. So first find peace within and you will see this inner peace reflected everywhere else. You are this peace!” – Papaji
  3. “You are the unchangeable Awareness in which all activity takes place.” – Papaji
  4. “That ocean of eternal peace is you. What is the difficulty that we suffer from? It is that we seek peace elsewhere and do not experience that we are peace incarnate itself.” – Papaji
  5. “Look within, there is no difference between yourself, Self and Guru. You are always Free. There is no teacher, there is no student, there is no teaching.” ― Papaji
  6. “When you stop thinking, you are no longer imagining things that are not true.” – Papaji
  7. “Now is the time to have a direct introduction to this moment. This moment is free of time, of mind, of any notions. Introduce yourself to this moment.” – Papaji
  8. “Let your will burn in this fire so that it takes you nowhere else. Let your self be burned in this fire of eternity, love and peace. Don’t be afraid of this fire, it is love itself. This desire for freedom is the fire of love!” ― Papaji
  9. “Detach yourself from those things, which are not permanent, and rest in that which is always permanent.” – Papaji
  10. “Surrounded by nothingness you have to do nothing. You have to do nothing to be who you are. Nothing at all.” ― Papaji
  11. “When you know that you are meditating it is not meditation.” – Papaji
  12. “You have to simply become aware of the movement of the mind, which begins this endless trouble.” – Papaji
  13. “Nobody wants to work. Not even the breath wants to work.”― Papaji
  14. “If you see the illusion, you are enlightened, but if you think that you are enlightened, you ARE IN the illusion!” – Papaji
  15. “One is always free and one is always alone. The mind is only dreaming.”― Papaji
  16. “If you identify with what comes and goes, you will be unhappy. If you identify with what is permanent and always there, you are happiness itself.” – Papaji
  17. “Look here and know who you are. Instantly you will find freedom, and this suffering–hitchhiking from womb to womb–will instantly stop. The only way is to look within.”― Papaji
  18. “Meditation is to effortlessly turn the mind toward that energy which energizes mind.” – Papaji
  19. “Keep quiet. Don’t touch the thoughts. Let them be.” – Papaji
  20.  “The way to live a happy beautiful life is to accept whatever comes and not care about what does not come.” ― Papaji
  21. “If you address the mind with “Who are you?” it will disappear” – Papaji
  22. “What is the purpose of human life? To Return Home.” – Papaji
  23. “Understanding and not understanding are all in the scheme of ignorance, just a realm of the mind. This is not learning. This is your birthright. You cannot study to be what you are. You do not need to understand in order to breathe.”― Papaji
  24. “Find where the ego rises from and it will disappear.” – Papaji
  25. “Thoughts are impediments to seeing your own face. Don’t give rise to any thought, and discover who you are.” – Papaji

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Matthew Scott Donnelly

Matthew Scott Donnelly was born and raised in Indiana. At the age of 24 he decided that he had not manifest a life that he was happy with, and decided to dedicate his heart and soul to Personal Growth and Development material. Roughly about one year later at the age of 25 he went from basic personal growth teachings to the a deeper realm into spirituality. Matthew is now 27 and his main focus is to continue on the path of awakening, and utilize his Facebook marketing skills to spread Spiritual and Consciousness related material to the rest of the world. You can follow Matthew and his work down below.

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