Conscious Services


Universoul Awakening is about building a family. We want everyone to experience our services for free, that way they can get a feel for what it is we offer first hand. The first package is $200 which will go directly to Facebook advertising to build your page. After the money is spent all of our clients are free to ask for a screen shot of our computer screen of what we spent and the results.

+ 1 Hour Power Branding Session with Ezra Atticus. Start the initiation now and expand your brand fan base.

Social Energy 

Social Energy is leveraging the power of Facebook to grow your brand. In todays day and age Social proof is a large factor in the way people perceive brands.

Do you ever order anything from Amazon without first checking how many reviews? Or even the Amazon rating?

If your page has 100,000 fans and another page in your niche has 3,000 fans wouldn’t you feel like you had a big advantage on that other page?

Our Social Energy package is $500. Service charge is $300 and $200 will go directly to ads to build your fan base. Get started and start receiving the social energy today.


Inner Branding 

Ezra Atticus has decided that he is fed up with the way that business is done today. He has decided to be the change that he wishes to see and redo the way that business as we know it, is done today. Inner brand is about branding in the only way that you know you how. Ezra Atticus wants to guide you to your inner creativity to explode your brand. Atticus has a strong foundation of how marketing works and how it can work for you through you. More over he has figured out how to blur the line between business and spirituality.

The inner branding package includes 6 weeks of

Week 1: Getting Rid of the Noise + Understanding the Ego’s Control
Week 2: The Surrender/Finding + Focusing on Your True Passion
Week 3: Work Equals FUN = Fully U Now + Dealing with the Unknown
Week 4: The Ego War + True Branding = YOU
Week 5: All Systems GO! + Video and You + The Magic Trick
Week 6: The Last Formula

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