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Facebook Name Change Request

Dear Facebook,

I am asking for this page… 

To be changed to the name of this here website….

Universoul Awakening is the name of my website….

And so I’m currently running Facebook Ads for like campaigns growing this page, but it doesn’t make much sense for me to keep doing so if there is no Facebook Name change.

I am targeting people who will resonate with people who read the articles on my website.

This is precisely why I need the name changed for branding reasons.

I’ve spent close to $80,000 in Facebook Ads and I will continue to do so, but it is partitive and vital that the name be changed.





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Matthew Scott Donnelly

Matthew Scott Donnelly was born and raised in Indiana. At the age of 24 he decided that he had not manifest a life that he was happy with, and decided to dedicate his heart and soul to Personal Growth and Development material. Roughly about one year later at the age of 25 he went from basic personal growth teachings to the a deeper realm into spirituality. Matthew is now 27 and his main focus is to continue on the path of awakening, and utilize his Facebook marketing skills to spread Spiritual and Consciousness related material to the rest of the world. You can follow Matthew and his work down below.

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