Reality Is A Dream

“Anything that comes and goes is a dream.” – Osho

Many of the great philosophers who have ever lived have come to the conclusion that life is a dream.

You say….

“Well wait a minute. When I go to bed and night and I dream, and I wake up there is clear obvious difference between dreaming while asleep and being awake.”

And from a logical standpoint, from the perceive reality of physical existence this does seem to be absolutely true. Only on the surface however, but when you allow your being to dive much deeper, to be penetrated by existence a whole lot further then you will start to see the dreamlike state of reality.

Take for example the past and future. Almost everyone looks at future as this kind of fantasy that has yet to come. But then because memory they believe that the past is this real entity.

And there goes the logical standpoint again….

“Surely the past has to exist, or I wouldn’t know anything about the world, how spell, how to write, to talk, walk and all other stuff if weren’t for past.”

But let’s take a deeper look in what Osho meant in the above quote

“Anything that comes and goes is a dream.”

What he means by such is that you cannot find absolute reality, absolute existence in anything that comes and goes. For example, linear time and by time it refers to past and future. They follow each other in sequence.

There is no present moment in time there is only space where time (past, future) meet and that space is this moment.

Let’s dissect the mind though and show how the mind and time correlate.


If you take a look at the picture above that line going side to side represent the mind and time. On the left side of the line it represents past and on the right side of the mind it represents future.

But here is a question for you, where is the cut off between past to future?

The mind can’t actually comprehend the answer to this question. The line that is going up and down represents this moment it is the gap between your thoughts, and that gap is the present moment.

The world has conditioned us to believe that what we are is the mind, but when you label what you are as the mind you have limited yourself. Mind equals time, time equals mind and both come and go, and to say you are the mind or you are time is to say that what you are an illusion.

What you are is reality, what you are is existence and reality and existence can only happen in in this moment. So cutting through all the materialism in the world and getting to the root of reality, you are this moment.

The moment however is eternal. Why?

You can only ever directly experience this moment, you can never directly experience past and can never directly experience future. You can only ever directly experience reality which is now.

“Your mind is the knife that cuts the continuum of time into neat slices of linear experience.”
― Deepak Chopra

So let’s go back take a look at why the past is a dream. Everyone thinks that we only fantasize about the future because on the surface value the past seems alive and well, but past only exists in memory.

And if you are this moment, then you cannot be memory.

So did the past actually happen?

Your mind thinks so…. of course it does!

Your eternal being which is now knows no time, so in reality the past has not happened, and will never happen.

The past relies on future to happen, but again because you cannot directly experience the future it does not exist and won’t ever exist. Past and future rely on each other to exist, so in essence once experiencing presence penetrates your being, past and future cancel each other out and vanishes into nothingness.

So in experiencing presence your mind, the ‘self’ that was created by the mind exist no longer, it has vanished into nothingness. Thinking and experiencing presence are diametrically opposites.

Then how about physical death?

Take a quick glance at eternity.

Does eternity go forward?

Does eternity go backward?

How can they?

The answer to this is neither, eternity, space the infinite phenomena don’t rely on backwards and forwards, because we think of eternity in terms of linear time going into the future forever but eternity just as this eternal present moment is not subject to linear digestion which is thought.

To answer the question looking at our physical existence in the scope of eternity, yes and to simply call it a dream is an understatement.

“If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

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