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The Intelligence Of A New Born

Have you taken a real look at what it really means to be intelligent?

Really looked at intelligence relative what your current belief systems are?

Let’s take a look at the basic beliefs of what most consider intelligence to be.

Below is collectively a good amount of aspects that define what most people view as intelligence.

  • How many facts someone has remembered
  • The kind of grades someone gets in school
  • The position someone holds at their job
  • The kind of career someone has
  • What someone’s IQ scores are
  • How they think intellectually
  • Their ability to problem solve.

A lot of these have been correlated in my lifetime as a true indicator of what intelligence is in its true nature.

These are aspects that relative that exist within the one absolute intelligence.

These aspects intelligence are more about how you are experiencing this world of form. They are more about experience rather than the intelligence that exists as everyone regardless of how smart you think someone is.

Once this intelligence is found at the core heart of every living human being, peace can be found no matter who think you are, what background you come from, what race or ethnicity.

Collective conditioning what lead to you believe that you need to have some sort a good amount of the relative intelligence above in order to be peaceful.

A good portion of the human race does have survival instincts so the basic intelligence that all humans have is usually taken care of, simply by having a human mind. It’s the survival instincts of having a human mind.

How would you feel in a world where you had everything you think you wanted?

It had occurred to me while watching a TV series the other day, that one girl thought she wanted something and when she was just about to get it her mind went into the state of pleasure, but eventually she realized the opposite of what she believed was true. So when she found out the opposite pain occurred and when she got the opposite then pleasure came again.

When she originally entered into the state of pleasure as a result of what she thought she wanted, what it false pleasure, no it was pleasure but it’s interested how simply by our thoughts we can trick ourselves in thinking that when the things we think are going our way which brings pleasure that those things equal what we truly want.

Even when she found out she wanted to the opposite and had pleasure, it was no different than prior because that pleasure was going to pass eventually regardless. It was her mind that wanted certain things to happen or not happen, not what she really wanted which is what every human being wants is peace as a result of finding that one pure intelligence realization.

Which is why this intelligence does not rely on what you own or don’t own, what you acquire from success. It’s about finding the once constant that brings peace into your life no matter what is happening in life based on the way your mind is perceiving it.

This is precisely why, the purest and uncontaminated intelligence is that of a newborn baby.

Not logical standpoint of intelligence based on the information we gain, advanced intellect, career status but from the pure neutral awareness standpoint.

It’s because a newborn has no mind yet, at least not until the second “mommy, or daddy” start creating its mind with it’s very first thought.

A newborn baby has yet to be able to label reality with any analyzing or interpreting because it has yet to have a mind.

A baby doesn’t think “where am I?” because the concept of place or location has not yet occurred to its no-mind.

A baby doesn’t think who or what am I? because the concept of a who or what has not yet occurred to its no-mind.

A baby doesn’t think how or why is this happening? Because the concept of how or why has not yet occurred to its no-mind.

There is not a single idea, image or concept in that of a new born, and thus because of this it’s 100% that a new born baby is born into Nirvana, the absolute state of ecstasy as a result of not having a mind and thus only knowing the absolute.

Consider the collective pain body or the collective identification with the internal pain as a result of its own conditioning.

Conditioning is the thoughts that enter into the state of the of mind and form its foundation, these thoughts are what fuel the emotions in said human being.

If a baby cannot think then it has not developed the pain body, then it will have not no worries than it of the upmost intelligence.

A baby needs food, water, shelter and care but it does not know this, thus it does not worry.

What true intelligence takes is the ability for elders to learn from that of a newborn baby which will require a WHOLE LOT of unlearning.

If you take a look at the common way a baby goes through the stages of life, as it gets older bam parenting happens, grand parenting happens, aunts, uncles, music, movies, TV shows, the media start to condition its mind.

Which is where the self-image is born, the separate ‘me’ is born and it is from here where the pain body latches on.

And the deeper the conditioning the further away from intelligence, and further away from peace. This does in no way, shape or form mean that if you have been deeply conditioned that you cannot unlearn what has caused you pain.

No matter how deep the conditioning is buried in you, there is a way out.

The irony of the conditioning is that it doesn’t want you to think on your own. It wants you to develop the worlds thoughts, in order to be accepted by society.

So a newborn who goes from its upmost intelligence goes through the system of conditioning as if almost it’s mind gets put onto an assembly line and the further into the assembly line of conditioning the more unintelligent, and unpeaceful it becomes.

Creativity is the very purest state of intelligence and a newborn without a mind is a direct reflection of pure absolute creativity itself.

Take for example a fruit or a vegetable.

The fruit or vegetable when it ripens from the earth, from nature in its most natural state it is the perfect time to eat. It’s not until the conditioning of the world sprays pesticides on it and goes through a huge process until it is delivered to the grocery stores to be served.

That fruit was at its most intelligent when it came directly from nature until man had to put our dirty little hands on it.

Let’s take a look at everything in this world that is not based on absolute reality, and things we should question.

Manmade or created or the reality which is regardless of what man has done.

  1. Money

Almost everyone I have meant in my life on a strong basis has had some money problems or challenges in their life which has caused internal pain. Naturally, this has also happened to me as well.

Letting money create internal pain inside is an example of a pain body. It was learned, conditioned into a newborn baby who doesn’t even know what money is, so there is no worry about it.

Yes, money is necessary for food, water and shelter for the most part and yet, this can a simple awareness or it can be worry which is awareness but with pain attached.

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.” – Eckhart Tolle

  1. Materials

Materials are a very close relative to money.

Materials are often associated with someone’s worth as a person or the basis of their intelligence. All materials and their value are man-made and anything man made is not based on absolute truth which is the truth prior to all thought, without a second.

Once materials are looked at as something that does not give you your worth as a person and that you don’t NEED them to make you peaceful then you can enjoy the materials that you do have on a more enriched basis.

  1. Career Title

Just as materials should be enjoyed without them giving you your worth as a person, no differently than how high or low you are in the hierarchy of your career/job.

Consider how many people in this world who work a Monday-Friday job who hate Mondays with a passion and love Fridays with a passion. This also goes for anyone regardless of their work schedule.

Consider that deeply for a second. Why should a Friday be any more fun and alive than a Monday or a Tuesday?

In the neutral reality of the universe a minute on a Monday is absolutely no different than a minute on a Saturday.

It is only the man-made mind that develop the collective pain body that thinks “I should hate Mondays and love Fridays”

A newborn baby does not know the days of the week and yet it’s in its most peaceful state regardless.

When you find peace and pure intelligences, then the days of the week do not matter.

  1. Education Systems

The education systems are built based on memory.

You will get the grades that you deserve based on how much information you can keep it in your system for the test.

The education system is building and strengthening one thing and that is memory. Pile up information, focus hard to remember it and then drop it on the test.

And after the test is finished you don’t need that information anymore except now it’s time for start compiling the next information. Eventually with an enough info from one test to another your mind will become a mechanical animal.

Many believe that the education systems should teach us about life, and I agree to an extent because the education systems should ultimately be the foundation of inner peace as at the end of the of life I will want to say I lived a very peaceful, joyful and blissful life which made ripple effects from one corner of the universe to the next.

“The most important thing is to find out what is the most important thing.” – Shunryu Suzuki

  1. Words

Words are sounds of the mouth that we use to communicate with.

They make life more fun, more enjoyable however they are limited simply because they are also manmade.

Communication between two individuals cannot set you towards peaceful freedom. They can make you happier and feel better but they cannot give you absolute truth.

They can only point you into the direction of the absolute truth of peace and bliss.

Just as limited as this article will be, it is only going to be in your direct realization to find the absolute intelligence which will reflect the peace that every human wants.

  1. Thoughts

Thoughts are manmade and in fact your thoughts have been given to you by the world. No newborn baby knows what a thought is, even when the mind begins to develop they still don’t know what a thought is.

You cannot ‘think’ yourself out of your mind and into the infinite intelligence.

Albert Einstein says

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

And Eckhart Tolle says

“The problems of the mind cannot be understood on the level of the mind.”

This means that in order to rise above the false beliefs, thoughts that you think are true and are causing you pain, cannot be fixed by the current mechanics of your mind.

The one infinite intelligence cannot nor will ever be able to be comprehended by the mind. Intelligence only happens when the mind has been transcended when we have found the thoughtless, timeless awareness between thoughts.

This thoughtless awareness makes you more newborn baby like intelligent.

  1. Time

A very big cause of the suffering and lack of intelligence is a mind focused on past and future.

The mind can’t comprehend in its totality presence.

The reason is, is that to think means to try and in absolute presence there is no trying, there is nothing to do.

The mind wants to do, and continue doing because it cannot see outside of the mind, so it only knows thought. Outside of thought is neutral awareness that is felt and absorbed through the cells of the body as this present moment.

Every wonder why being on the internet or watching TV is so draining?

It’s because your mind is on fast forward in the media. Don’t just unplug from technology to enjoy life right now unplug from your mind be as this thoughtless, timeless space.

Time is not intelligent because it is only a tool, the true intelligence comes from that which allows time to be used as a tool.

A baby does not know what time it is when it comes out of the womb, because it does not know what time is. When it comes out of the womb, the only thing that is knows, is no-thing. The only thing a baby knows is what is, because it ONLY aware of the present moment, thus it is in Nirvana.

Stop taking your thoughts, life situations and what you think is intelligent so seriously. Learn from a newborn child and start to unlearn everything you think about that is causing you insanity.

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Matthew Scott Donnelly

Matthew Scott Donnelly was born and raised in Indiana. At the age of 24 he decided that he had not manifest a life that he was happy with, and decided to dedicate his heart and soul to Personal Growth and Development material. Roughly about one year later at the age of 25 he went from basic personal growth teachings to the a deeper realm into spirituality. Matthew is now 27 and his main focus is to continue on the path of awakening, and utilize his Facebook marketing skills to spread Spiritual and Consciousness related material to the rest of the world. You can follow Matthew and his work down below.

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