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Siddhartha Christ

What if told you everything I taught and thought was wrong for the first 24 years of my life?

I’m 26 years old now, just being reborn fresh out of the womb of the basic conditioning of society that says, “You have to go to college.” or “You have to get a job” and “You have to live this kind of lifestyle.”  

At the age of 18 years old, I had just graduated from high school and got introduced to a business ACN. I had no clue what it meant to run a business. ACN was a strong advocate of Personal Growth and Development. Personal Growth and Development I asked? 

I had no clue of what they speak of. I got good grades in school because that is how you are accepted by society (The grown ups), but I had no clue what it was meant to grow. I didn’t enjoy reading, in fact I couldn’t focus enough. 

When I did read the little bit of Personal Growth, It did feel about what I was reading good I just didn’t have patience too read. ACN however did not work out for me. I constantly struggled, didn’t know how to deal with the pitfalls failure, didn’t know what it meant to build relationships..ect 

From the age of 18-24 I went on a party rampage where all that I wanted to do was party, drink alcohol, play beerpong….ect 

Finally at the age 24 I had been fed up with my life. I decided that if I was going to get out of the mess I created for my life I had to dedicate my heart to growing, reading and listening to personal growth material. I turned my truck into an education on wheels and didn’t look back. Fast forward 2 years later and I’m working with big names including my business partner Ezra Atticus who created a conscious movie, Prince EA who’s content is revolutionizing the world, Collective Evolution one best alternative media companies online, and The Power of The Heart who created a Movie directly on the heart. 

But more so that all that external wealth, the amount of knowledge I’ve learned, the peace I’ve gained, emotional pain that I’ve lessoned has been WELL worth growing pains that I’ve had to endure through my studies of growing as a human being. My mission is to find as much peace, harmony and love as possible and to help others achieve the same. 

EzraEzra Atticus

It started in 1978 with the name Denny J. Morales…

Denny soon realized that his passion was a lot more extreme than many of his fellow humans. In 1996 while going to high school Denny (Ezra) also worked for PBS after school, and then went to work the nightly news as camera man for ABC, and he started his own production company, all at the same time. 

His drive took him to winning an Emmy in 2005 for NBC as technical director, and then led him to creating a documentary film “The Last Formula” with names like Jack Canfield, John Gray, Neale Donald Walsch, and many more great business/spiritual leaders. 

In 2012 Denny felt this strong presence come through him as Ezra Atticus. Denny felt strong that this was his masters name. But he wasn’t ready to allow this swallowing. So he ignored this calling and continued on. 

In 2014 after losing his father, and 2 uncles during the same 3 month period to cancer, and suffering a major lose in his business endeavors. Denny was lost again. He shut down, turned off all internet, all tv, and shut himself down from the outside world. 

In 2016 Denny officially dissolved his old name, and allowed his new master name Ezra Atticus to guide him. 

After reading over 1000 books, attending hundred’s of workshops, and traveling the world learning business tactics from many great leaders like Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Barnet Bain producer of Robin Williams film “What Dreams May Come”, Scott Carlin producer of “Decoding Deepak”, to a power session with Sherazinc who manages Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, etc. To working with Neale Donald Walsch, Author of “Conversations With God”, and many more.

Ezra Atticus now feels his true success was when he turned the outer desires into inner focus to his heart. 

Today Ezra Atticus manages Universoul Awakening with his brilliant partner Matthew Scott. He feels he has finally met his co-energy partner in Universoul mind to heart guidance. 

“Success now chases me.”- Ezra Atticus

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